Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Laser cut jewelry info & care instructions

I received a message today asking if my red and white brooches were made with shrinky-dinks, and I realized that, even though I state in my descriptions that my brooches are laser cut acrylic, it might not be entirely clear what that means. So I thought I'd write a little post to give more details about what my brooches are made of, and how to care for them once you own one!

First of all, these are NOT shrinky-dinks. They are created using two-color 1/16" thick, sturdy plastic. For my red and white brooches the plastic is white with a red coating, and on the black and white brooches the plastic is black with a white coating. My illustration is then etched into the coating with a laser. No ink is involved.

While I'm not advising that you go around dunking your brooches in glasses of water, these are water resistant. You can get your brooches soaking wet and the design won't fade or bleed. I accidentally washed one of my brooches in the washing machine once and it came out fine! These are resilient little buggers :)

The red and white acrylic has more of a shiny surface and retains its color fastness very well. The black and white acrylic is matte and it can lose some of its luster over time. I condition the brooches with wax after they've been cut to enhance the contrast, but sometimes this can fade. If you want to condition any brooches that look like they've faded a bit, you can do the same thing! I just take a small amount of wax on a q-tip (I've used beeswax and synthetic before and they both work well) and massage it into the plastic. Let it sit for a little bit and then wipe it down with a rag, and the contrast will be restored.

Here is a close-up to better show the etching details on my brooches. As you can see, the red color constitutes a thin layer at the top of the brooch, and the rest is white plastic. If you were to run your finger over the surface of the pin, you'd be able to feel that the white parts recede and the red is raised.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Black heart brooches

Last month I asked for suggestions for new black heart brooches, and these were my two favorites (obviously I picked an X-Files one!) "Black is such a happy color" is from The Adams Family, and "Sure. Fine. Whatever." is a Scully quote from The X-Files. They're both available in my shop right here.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Valentine's Day brooches

I think this might be the first time I've ever had products ready in time for a holiday. I'm usually like "hey, I know it's December 23rd, but here are my new Christmas items!" haha.

This batch of brooches includes 9 new designs and one custom design. They're basically all for people who are more in love with animals, movies, movie stars, books, or fictional characters than actual real live humans, lol. What can I say... I have a habit of making things that I'd want myself, and I just don't want traditional lovey-dovey Valentine's Day stuff.

This is probably my favorite from the batch:

"Jef Costello from Le Samourai" qualifies as a relationship status, right?

Anyway, all of the new brooches are available in the shop right here.

Friday, December 18, 2015

Christmas freebie

It's time for my annual post about belated Christmas presents!

Let's say it's December 24th and the post office still hasn't delivered that perfect gift that you ordered two weeks ago. No need to fret! This card has you covered. Simply print it out and put it in a standard greeting card envelope, or wrap it up so your recipient has an extra gift to open, and you're all set!

At Christmastime let's keep in mind that it's always the thought that counts. If your present arrives after Christmas, it's no big deal. If anything it just extends the gift-giving season a little longer, and having holiday cheer last past the 25th is a gift in and of itself! :)

This download comes as a 5" x 7" PDF as well as a page that prints two foldable cards per sheet of 8.5" x 11" paper. Files are 300 DPI and suitable for printing or framing! For personal use only. They're available to download (for free!) right here.

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Updated shipping deadline for Christmas

This is kind of short notice, but I'm moving my deadline for all of my jewelry and ornaments up to midnight tonight. Like basically every other year that I've had an online store, I'm having crazy issues with getting my supplies in the mail. I had a laser cut supply order that shipped 2-day air last Tuesday and it still isn't even in New Jersey yet. I had another package shipped next-day air on Tuesday that didn't arrive until yesterday. It's insane!

I don't want to take any chances on promising orders for Christmas if more of my supply orders get delayed in transit, so to be on the safe side I've moved the deadline up. This applies to all jewelry and ornaments. Please be aware that ANY orders placed after midnight EST (even if they include a laser-cut item and something else) will most likely ship after the holidays. 

If you'd like art prints, calendars, pocket mirrors, buttons, note cards, or nostalgia kits they will still be shipping with a Christmas deadline of 12/14. And (obviously) printable products are always available immediately, even on Christmas morning! And if you already placed an order (or place one before midnight) you don't have any reason to worry!

Thanks in advance for your patience & understanding!! :)

Friday, November 27, 2015

black friday sale

Now through Monday, take 25% off any order of $15+ with the code "MISTLETOE" Also, if US customers spend over $25 (after discount) they'll receive free shipping, and International customers spending over $120 (after discount) will also receive free shipping.

I won't be doing any other discounts for the rest of the year after this, so now is the time to order! Also please keep in mind that all of my items are handmade to order and ship in about 7 business days so if you need something for Christmas (or if you're asking someone to buy you something for Christmas) the sooner the better! You can view all of my Christmas shipping deadlines right here.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Christmas ornament brooches!

These are probably my favorite new thing I've made all year long! I'm so excited about them! They're inspired by my Grandmom's vintage ornament collection. She passed down some of her collection to my mom when my parents got married, and every year I get so nervous hanging the "special" delicate ornaments on the tree. They're my favorites -- so beautiful and unique, each one with its own patina and signs of wear from Christmases gone by.

I picked four of my favorites and drew them for this brooch collection. These brooches are laser-cut from two layers of birch wood. Then I add a layer of glittery flocking powder which creates a sparkly, soft, fuzzy texture. It's almost impossible to really capture the velvety appearance of the flocking but trust me, it's beautiful!

So much love went into these, and they're so special to me because they remind me of my own family Christmases, my Grandmom, and every single time that my mom, my brother and I put on festive tunes and decorated the tree together when I was growing up :)

They're available in my shop right here. Please keep in mind they're made to order so if you want one to wear for Christmas don't wait too long to order!

Monday, November 23, 2015

Pocket mirrors!

Yet another example of a product that's been ready to go for months, just waiting for me to photograph and list on the website (I'm not even kidding, I posted a sneak peek on instagram 20 weeks ago!) but pocket mirrors are finally here!

I'm starting off with a little over 20 designs and if they go over well I'll be adding more in the future. I started with some of my personal favorites & best sellers. It's a pretty even assortment of Sweet & Lovely, Flapper Doodle movie artwork and one Puns Intended design. They're all available right here!