Tuesday, October 28, 2014

New business cards

Some items have been on my to-do list for so long it seems like the list would have been better named
never-do. One of those things was a business card for me to include in all of my orders that lets customers know about my (many, many) other stores, my website and my blog. As you can guess from the photo above, I did finally cross this item off of my list, and I'm pretty smitten with how they turned out.

I decided to tie them in with the branding of this blog and my portfolio. I think it's cute enough for sweet & lovely and the kindness shop, but simple/stark enough to also look like it fits in with my flapper doodle, your fan club and puns intended orders as well. I wanted them to be smaller than usual, kind of like moo cards without the cost, so I designed my file to print two little cards per business card, and then cut them down myself. I might end up doing this more often, I love how they turned out! These little petite cards could be used for so many different things! Earring cards, little extra prints in my orders, etc.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Flapper Doodle holiday gift guide

It's almost time to start Christmas shopping and picking out holiday cards, so I thought I'd help things along with this Flapper Doodle Gift Guide! All of the items link back to their respective etsy listings, which makes browsing my shop for holiday goodies a lot easier than sifting through 10+ pages. And everything is broken down into categories -- gifts for your BFF, gifts for cat lovers, even gifts for yourself (I mean, why not?)

You can take a peek at the gift guide right here, and be sure to bookmark it for Black Friday so you can come back and use the 30% off code on the site! :)

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

New Flapper Doodle jewelry

My swing necklace is now available as a brooch, and my cat lady collar clips are now available as earrings, too! They're in my flapper doodle shop, here.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Puns Intended 2015 calendar

Puns Intended has been my longest-running art series. I started it back in 2005 when I used to do outdoor art shows full-time. I've been meaning to make a calendar out of the paintings for pretty much this entire time -- almost 10 years! And I finally put one together for 2015. I'm thinking of it as a 10 year anniversary celebration.

The calendar includes 12 different punny paintings, printed on vibrant halftone pattern backgrounds. The halftone is a sort of dotted pixel pattern that's only visible when viewed closely, but adds an extra dimension instead of flat color. The pages are 11" x 17" with a small white border around the edge, and they come bound with white plastic comb binding at the top. The calendar is available at Puns Intended right here.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

The Kindness Shop

This year I decided to make it my goal to spread kindness as much as humanly possible. I honestly believe that the world would be a much better place if we all just treated each other with kindness and respect. My hope with this new shop is that people will use the products to pass along the message. My personal favorites are the compliment brooches. I love the idea that whoever reads your brooch will get a little pick-me-up. I find that most modern clothing & jewelry with messages emblazoned on them tend to be mean or self-centered. Rather than proudly proclaiming that "you can't sit at our table" (I know it's a Mean Girls reference, but come on -- the movie was not glorifying that kind of thing. Didn't anyone get it?) be the person with the brooch that invites someone to join you instead. Not to sound cult-like (although having my own cult might be totally cool) but we need to foster a sense of inclusiveness, not cliquishness.

Right now the shop is stocked with a limited number of magnet & brooch designs, but I hope to be adding more in the near future -- like inexpensive PDF downloads that you can share or post around town and note cards with simple, kind greetings to send to friends just-because.

$1 from every sale is donated to Random Acts, a charity that funds and helps promote random acts of kindness. And every order comes with two cards with suggestions for daily random acts of kindness -- one to keep and one to give away!

You can take a peek at the new shop right here.

Flapper Doodle best friend pendants

Speaking of giving old products new facelifts, my BFF pendants have received a small update as well. In 2012 I stocked up a little too much and ended up with enough pendant supplies to last me for two years. When it came time to (finally!) reorder I decided to switch to these trays instead. They're sturdier than the ones I had been using, and feel much more substantial. The new pendants are available in my Flapper Doodle shop here.

Changing pendant trays also meant taking new photos, and it was about time. I'm slowly starting to re-photograph a lot of my products with this new warm grey textured background. I think it really makes the items stand out much better than a plain white background, or the brown floral one I had been using before.

Here is a timeline of the BFF pendants, starting with my first set that was made by gluing my prints to scrabble tiles. I'd say they've definitely improved since then!

Rainbow collar clips

I recently gave my Sweet and Lovely rainbow collar clips a little facelift. The clouds are now made from white laser cut acrylic. I love coming up with brand new designs, but revamping and giving new life to an old idea is pretty fun, too!

The new clips are available at sweet and lovely here.

Flapper Doodle Christmas brooches

Three new brooch designs in the shop, all perfect for the upcoming holiday season! They're available at Flapper Doodle, here.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

New Flapper Doodle jewelry

Four new Flapper Doodle jewelry designs, available here.