Friday, June 27, 2014


I went to see Maleficent at the movies twice in the last two weeks -- it's really good! I love how Disney is redefining the idea of True Love with this movie & Frozen.

With the inky black outfit and those beautiful horns I just had to capture Maleficent as a Flapper Doodle. The drawing is available in my etsy shop here.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

By a Waterfall - Busby Berkeley inspired art

This new drawing is the first in a series of Busby Berkeley-inspired drawings that I've been brainstorming about for years. I was never quite sure how to fit this all on one single page, so I devised a little system with overlapping pieces of tracing paper -- it was complicated in the best possible way. I took photos of the process so I'll upload those tomorrow, if you're interested in seeing some behind-the-scenes peeks.

The drawing is available in my etsy shop here.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Your Fan Club

I just opened up a new etsy store for my newest project, Your Fan Club. The idea is that you can find a pin for any fan club imaginable -- burritos, obscure classic movie actors, tv icons, cult classic stars, etc. I started out with about 40 designs and plan on adding more on a semi-regular basis.

Each pin is laser-cut from black and white acrylic & features one of my drawings in the center. I'm especially excited about re-purposing some of my older classic film drawings and paintings that have been collecting dust in my studio drawer. I for one would definitely want to be a member of the Robert Montgomery Fan Club.

Rugs at society6

Society6 is now offering area rugs! I ordered one with my vintage 16 pattern and I love it to pieces. The quality is really top-notch. It's a thick rug, the colors are very vibrant, and the design is nice and crisp -- no pixelation or graininess whatsoever. My only complaint is that they don't come in larger sizes. The largest is currently 4'x6'.  Rugs with my designs can be purchased here.

They've also started offering shower curtains as well. I haven't ordered one for myself, but I just finished adding all of my vintage patterns, and they seem like they'd be perfect for this product! You can take a look at those here.

New brooches

I'm phasing out my wooden jewelry and using this stark black and white acrylic instead. I think it really makes the artwork pop! The flapper doodle items are available at Flapper Doodle, here, and the Cutie Pi brooch, Mulder & Dwight earrings are all available at Sweet and Lovely, here.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Custom portrait and blog design for The Soubrette Brunette

I just wrapped up a custom portrait and blog design for Sammi from The Soubrette Brunette. She loves novelty handbags so I decided to incorporate that into the blog header, with the bags serving as links for different pages on her site!

I'm really thrilled with how it all came out, and luckily Sammi is too! You can take a peek at the blog design in action right here.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Dwight Schrute

I originally painted this for myself but it doesn't fit in my new living space so I've decided to part with it. (Or at least try to -- chances are it may just end up collecting dust in the basement.) If you're interested, it's available in my etsy shop here. I've also listed prints here and it's available on a whole mess of products (iphone cases, wall clocks, tote bags, what have you) in my society6 shop here.