Sunday, April 24, 2016

[UPDATED] Postcards + 15% off

I'm off to California to attend the TCM Film Festival and I'm bringing back my favorite shop promotion to coincide with the trip! Starting today, if you use the coupon code "SILVERSCREEN" on any order of $10+ you will receive 15% off and (if you're in the US) a hand-written postcard from me! In order to receive a postcard, your order must be placed before 9AM PST on May 1st. And the best part? All US orders of $25+ ship free, even if you're also using the coupon code! Yay! Click here to shop!

ALSO! International customers! In the past I haven't extended the postcard offer beyond US borders because International stamps (even just for tiny light little postcards) are kind of pricey. But I've heard your cries (too dramatic?) and for the first time I'm finally offering postcards for International orders. If you want to take advantage of the 15% discount and not get a postcard, you can totally still do that (just use code "SILVERSCREEN") but if you'd prefer a postcard over a steep discount, use code "TINSELTOWN" instead. It'll deduct a flat $1 from your $15+ order, and you'll (finally!) get a hand-written postcard from me! Please keep in mind that International postcards might take a while in transit.

The "SILVERSCREEN" discount applies to all orders worldwide, but the postcard part of that offer is only good for US orders. You can still use the code to receive 15% off through May 2nd, but keep in mind that the postcard offer is only good through 9AM PST on May 1st. This offer can not be applied retroactively, and it only applies to orders placed at I will begin making and shipping items after I return home. Thank you for your patience.

[This post has been updated to reflect a change from a $15 minimum spend to $10 minimum spend for the "SILVERSCREEN" coupon code. If you're thinking "she must be doing that because nobody wanted to spend the minimum of $15 in her store and she's getting desperate, DING DING DING!!! You are right my friend! I have zero shame.]

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Enamel lapel pins! At a special introductory price!

I finally decided to join the ranks of artists turning their designs into enamel lapel pins. I know, I know, if everyone jumped off a bridge would I jump too? Well.. if it meant I could stay relevant in an ever-changing marketplace and continue to pay my bills... probably.

Anyway. I had my first small-run batch of pins made, and they're available at a special introductory price today only. You can buy them here.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Interview on Spellbound by Movies

Spellbound by Movies posted an interview with me today, which you can read right here. I talk a little bit about my love of classic film, my movie-inspired products, and the inspiration behind some of my artwork. I had a lot of fun coming up with my answers & hopefully they're just as fun to read :)

Also, I just recently had my dream photo shoot in a movie theater and this was my favorite picture from the batch. I worked with Edwards Media and I highly recommend them if you're in the NJ/NY area and need any kind of photos or videography.

Friday, April 15, 2016

Communiversity + a new painting!

Communiversity is this Sunday and I'll have a booth on Nassau Street! If you're in the Princeton area I hope you'll drop by and say hello (although I'm horribly awkward and shy, just a warning) The photo above was taken at Communiversity last year before I chopped off all of my hair and dyed it pink again. It feels like I'm looking at a photo of a totally different person!

Speaking of photos of me -- they've been lacking considerably for the last couple weeks on my style blog, mostly because I've been up to my ears in preparations for this weekend and have rarely been wearing anything other than paint stained pajamas. What I've lacked in style I've made up for in productivity, though. Just yesterday I started and finished seven paintings in the span of 24 hours. (!!!) Six of the seven are new versions of old Puns Intended paintings. I hadn't come up with a brand new one since 2013, but yesterday I finally added a fresh face to my roster of punny paintings:

This falls into the category of "kind of obscure references that will probably never actually sell" but I really love it! It's a scene from Hitchcock's movie Vertigo, but painted in the style of Van Gogh. So, it's Vertigogh. 

Puns Intended used to be my main thing -- from 2005 through 2009 I only did pun paintings. After starting Flapper Doodle in 2009 (and then Sweet and Lovely in 2012) Puns Intended kind of fell by the wayside. As far as my online sales go, it probably makes up like .0001% so I often forget about it or neglect it a bit. But when I do art shows, like Communiversity, I'm reminded of how fun it is to sell funny artwork. I've wanted to do something new since I exhibited last April, and -- I'm obviously someone who works better under pressure -- I finally painted this three days before Communiversity! Phew!

If you won't be in Princeton this weekend and you're that rare soul who enjoys Hitchcock movies, Van Gogh paintings, and bad puns -- prints are also available in my shop right here.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Nerdist feature + restocked Jurassic Park brooches

My line of Jurassic Park-themed goodies was featured on today! And not just included in a list of other Jurassic Park stuff, I mean a whole entire article devoted to my designs. WHOA! This might be one of the coolest things that has ever happened (and I'm not just saying that because I'm a giant Nerdist/Chris Hardwick fan.)

You can read the whole write-up right here. And it's perfect timing, because yesterday I just shot new photos for a restock of two of my Jurassic Park brooch designs. My hand-painted wooden 'clever girl' brooches are back in two new colors, and I tweaked my hand-painted 'woman inherits the earth' brooches, and they're back in the shop too!

Also, I only have NINE 'woman inherits the earth' patches left in stock before they go on pre-order. You can find all of my Jurassic Park stuff in my shop right here.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Almost gone: free X-Files pin with purchase

I only have 15 of these left and then they're gone for good! This is your last chance to get a free X-Files lapel pin with any purchase of $10+ Just use coupon code "TRUSTNO1" at checkout. Click here to shop.

Please note - The coupon will also deduct 1 penny from your order total, sorry for any confusion that causes!

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Two new black heart brooches

There are two new black heart brooches in the shop! The first one is a quote from April Ludgate, from Parks and Recreation. The second isn't a quote from anything, just kind of a PSA to wear when you're around people who might want to go in for a hug.

For all I know, this might just be a "me" thing but it seems like I always meet people who say to me, "Sorry! I'm a hugger!" and then they proceed to engulf me in their unwelcome embrace. It's practically impossible to alert people ahead of time that I value my personal space and saying "I'm not a hugger" seems insulting after someone is already coming at you with their arms open wide. My hope is that this pin will send a kind of a subtle (maybe not so subtle?) message to potential huggers that your body is off-limits. No hugs and no feelings hurt - win/win!

Both pins are available in my shop right here.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

I. Love. Bread.

Inspired by Oprah and my own deep, abiding love of bread -- new brooch available right here. (ps. I'm bringing back hand-painted brooches. I'll post an update when they are fully restocked again.)