Monday, November 24, 2014

Your Fan Club shop update & improved design

As promised, a giant fan club shop update! I included a few seasonal pins in this batch (pie! scrooge! santa!) that are perfect accessories for all of the holiday festivities coming up soon. All of the new pins are available in my fan club shop here.

Please note: my cut-off for *custom* pin & patch orders is going to be the first week in December, so if you want to buy a custom design as a gift, hurry hurry hurry! :)

I also made a small but wonderful change to the pin design -- they have new pin backs now. I've been using tie tacks (kind of like the backs on Disney pins, if you're familiar with those) but I've found that when I wear them they have a tendency to spin, so the design can be upside down sometimes. And, like other tie-tack pins (cough, Disney pins, cough) sometimes you can lose the backs while you're wearing them. With these new brooch backs your pin will be better secured to your clothing and it'll stay upright the whole day long. Nothing else has changed -- they're the same price, the same size, they come on the same cards and they weigh the same. They're just better at staying wherever you choose to put them :)