Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Headstone brooches

When products of mine don't go over well I seem to take that as a challenge to keep trying rather than give up on the whole idea. Case in point: my Halloween stuff this year hasn't sold much at all, so naturally I took that to mean I should make MORE HALLOWEEN STUFF! And release it like one week before the holiday, to boot. This is why I consider myself an illustrator and not a businesswoman, haha.

Anyway, I made some more Halloween brooches! These are laser-cut from wood and hand painted. I thought it would be fun to do some punny headstone names, but I also have an option to choose your own custom text as well! They're available in my shop here.

This is uncharacteristically early for me, but I actually have a batch of Christmas brooches that are ready for me to photograph and list in the store! I didn't wait until December 20th to make them, it's a holiday miracle! ;D Keep an eye out, they're coming soon!