Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Christmas ornament brooches!

These are probably my favorite new thing I've made all year long! I'm so excited about them! They're inspired by my Grandmom's vintage ornament collection. She passed down some of her collection to my mom when my parents got married, and every year I get so nervous hanging the "special" delicate ornaments on the tree. They're my favorites -- so beautiful and unique, each one with its own patina and signs of wear from Christmases gone by.

I picked four of my favorites and drew them for this brooch collection. These brooches are laser-cut from two layers of birch wood. Then I add a layer of glittery flocking powder which creates a sparkly, soft, fuzzy texture. It's almost impossible to really capture the velvety appearance of the flocking but trust me, it's beautiful!

So much love went into these, and they're so special to me because they remind me of my own family Christmases, my Grandmom, and every single time that my mom, my brother and I put on festive tunes and decorated the tree together when I was growing up :)

They're available in my shop right here. Please keep in mind they're made to order so if you want one to wear for Christmas don't wait too long to order!