Friday, March 6, 2015

Illustrations for Lark by Storybird

Storybird just released their new app, Lark. It's a really neat poetry app that allows you to layer poems on top of artwork from the Storybird website. If you're not familiar with Storybird, it's a site where you can use existing artwork from artists around the world to illustrate your own children's books. I have pretty much all of my Flapper Doodle artwork available to use on the website and it's really fun to see how other people have used my drawings in their beautiful stories. 

With Lark, you are given the option to choose from various artwork and then you're given an automatically generated selection of words from which to write your poem. You can't add your own words, but I think that's part of the fun! I probably wouldn't have come up with "waltz you magical creatures" on my own, but those were some of the words that were available to me and they fit my drawing perfectly!

One of the reasons that I'm really excited about Lark is that my illustrations were chosen to appear on four of the screens before you start creating your poems and following other awesome users. I love how perfectly the illustrations they chose fit with the page they appear on. When you aren't following any other users yet, my little flapper looks so lonely!

Lark is available to download in the app store, and if you're interested in creating a book you can check out Storybird here.