Thursday, March 5, 2015

Pi Day deadline

Pi Day is only a little over a week away! If you still need to stock up on Pi Day supplies (buttons, art prints, brooches and the like) my cutoff for 3/13 delivery is tomorrow, Friday March 6th*. I can't guarantee anything since the post office can be crazy and unreliable (especially with all the snow this year) but ordering by tomorrow means you *should* get your Pi Day goodies in time for the big day! Don't forget, this particular Pi Day is especially special because it's 3-14-15. And at 9:26 PM it gets even MORE special! And at 9:26:53 it's specialer still! It's going to be a pretty exciting day.

These cutie pi brooches are almost sold out (3 left) and I won't be making any more once they're gone. If you want to snatch up one of the last ones, they're in my shop here. And you can see all of my Pi Day products right here.

*Excludes t-shirts, since they have a longer turnaround time