Thursday, August 6, 2015

Three new brooch designs

Three new brooch designs in the shop! These are all laser cut from wood and then hand painted. Live every week like it's shark week is a quote from Tracy Jordan on 30 Rock. And below I have Jake Johnson's character Lowery from Jurassic World showing off his vintage Jurassic Park shirt a la superman. He and Blue are my favorite characters from the film.

I think I must have done at least 5 prototypes of Neapolitan Napoleon before it finally came out the way I had envisioned it. I tried laser-cut plastic first which didn't work out too well, and then wood. I've gone through at least a dozen different paint colors trying to find the perfect versions of chocolate, vanilla and strawberry before finally landing on this. Neapolitan is one of my favorite color combinations and I love a good pun, so this is easily one of my favorite products in the shop.

The two new drawings are also available as art prints. The Neapolitan Napoleon brooch is based on a painting that I did a few years ago (prints available here.)

Everything is available right here.