Thursday, September 3, 2015

Movies are my drug

This year I've been using movies a lot as an escape from reality, watching (and re-watching) favorites so I can slip into an alternate universe for a few hours and leave my worries behind. I was sitting in a theater today, about to watch The Man From UNCLE for the fourth time, when this little image popped into my head (and yeah, it'll also be a brooch soon because I have no self control when it comes to movies *or* turning my drawings into jewelry)

I'm lucky that my drug of choice doesn't mess with my ability to form coherent thoughts and make rational decisions. It's available legally and it's usually pretty cheap. It won't make your teeth fall out. It is, however, incredibly addictive. Some movies (cough, The Man from UNCLE, cough) should come with a warning label: may be habit-forming.

The drawing is available in my shop, here.