Sunday, March 27, 2016

#TCMFF button set for the TCM Film Festival

Last year I made some buttons for the TCM Film Festival and this year I decided to kick it up a notch and make this TCMFF button set!

It includes nine buttons total -- one 2.25" button for sharing your social networking username so that your online friends will be able to recognize you in person (you can choose Twitter or Facebook), one 2.25" button to show off how many festivals you've attended (they're available with either Bette Davis or Cary Grant, and for each year the actors get progressively older. You can see all 14 options in the photos below), a 1.5" Robert Osborne fan club button, a 1.5" Ben Mankiewicz fan club button, and five little 1" buttons that feature images of some of the 2016 TCMFF attendees and featured films.

The button set is available in my shop right here. If you're heading to Hollywood for the festival, I'd recommend getting your order in before April 15th to ensure it arrives in time. But I can't stress enough how much "the sooner the better" applies here -- sometimes USPS messes things up, so the earlier you order the more likely everything will be at your doorstep with plenty of time to spare. This applies to my buttons but also anything else you might be ordering online before you travel :)

ps. I also finally made a category in my shop for movie-themed merchandise, since there's so much of it! You can view it all right here.