Thursday, March 10, 2016

Chocolate scented Easter bunny brooches

New in the shop! Chocolate scented Easter bunny brooches! Available right here.

I know I say this about everything, but I'm so excited about how these turned out! This is one of those projects that took a ton of trial and error before it finally came out right. I made and tossed out six bunny molds before I finally got one that worked. To get the brown color just right I tried three different types of spray paint (didn't work) and I tried mixing brown acrylic paint into the resin (didn't work, but you can see the super weird chemical reaction that occurred when I tried it right here. Trigger warning if you have trypophobia) What finally ended up working was mixing resin tint (DUH!) in my resin.

I added a "do not eat" sticker on the back just in case your brooch falls into the unsuspecting hands of a chocoholic ;) I'm partially joking, but honestly these REALLY look like candy. I made these, I'm the one who created them, and yet when I saw one was sitting in direct sunlight earlier today I went to move it because I was afraid the chocolate would melt. Seriously.