Sunday, September 13, 2015

New vibrant brooches!

I've been trying to come up with a way to make colorful brooches for a while now. My first attempt was to make laser-cut wooden brooches and hand paint them. I really love how they look, but they're SO time-consuming and I still haven't really mastered a good technique for making sure they all come out perfect. There's so many little crevices where paint can get stuck and I've ended up throwing out at least 1 brooch for every 2 that I got right. So days are numbered for my hand-painted brooches. They're still in the shop for now while I work on transitioning all of the brooches to my new style so if you really had your heart set on one this is your last chance to get them.

I'm switching over to a new method that I've been working on instead. It's still kind of time consuming but I feel like the results are way more consistent and I like how they look a lot more than the hand-painted ones. It's basically still laser-cut wood, but instead of paint there's a layer with my printed illustration and then a layer of satin varnish.

I started out with five of my older designs (Liz Lemon, Shark Week, Dinosaurs eat man woman inherits the earth, Clever Girl) as well as the Leslie Knope one that I just released last week, and two brand spanking new designs - my Heathers dinosaur drawing and Movies are my drug. I can't WAIT to wear that one basically every time I go to the movies now!

I'm just so happy with how these look, the color is so vibrant and the print is perfectly sharp. And I think this will make it easier for me to customize colors and text if anyone wants more personalized jewelry. I can't wait to start packing these up and mailing them to new homes :D All of the new vibrant brooches are available right here, and if you wanted to grab one of the last hand-painted ones they're available here.