Sunday, April 10, 2016

Two new black heart brooches

There are two new black heart brooches in the shop! The first one is a quote from April Ludgate, from Parks and Recreation. The second isn't a quote from anything, just kind of a PSA to wear when you're around people who might want to go in for a hug.

For all I know, this might just be a "me" thing but it seems like I always meet people who say to me, "Sorry! I'm a hugger!" and then they proceed to engulf me in their unwelcome embrace. It's practically impossible to alert people ahead of time that I value my personal space and saying "I'm not a hugger" seems insulting after someone is already coming at you with their arms open wide. My hope is that this pin will send a kind of a subtle (maybe not so subtle?) message to potential huggers that your body is off-limits. No hugs and no feelings hurt - win/win!

Both pins are available in my shop right here.