Saturday, October 11, 2014

Flapper Doodle best friend pendants

Speaking of giving old products new facelifts, my BFF pendants have received a small update as well. In 2012 I stocked up a little too much and ended up with enough pendant supplies to last me for two years. When it came time to (finally!) reorder I decided to switch to these trays instead. They're sturdier than the ones I had been using, and feel much more substantial. The new pendants are available in my Flapper Doodle shop here.

Changing pendant trays also meant taking new photos, and it was about time. I'm slowly starting to re-photograph a lot of my products with this new warm grey textured background. I think it really makes the items stand out much better than a plain white background, or the brown floral one I had been using before.

Here is a timeline of the BFF pendants, starting with my first set that was made by gluing my prints to scrabble tiles. I'd say they've definitely improved since then!