Tuesday, October 28, 2014

New business cards

Some items have been on my to-do list for so long it seems like the list would have been better named
never-do. One of those things was a business card for me to include in all of my orders that lets customers know about my (many, many) other stores, my website and my blog. As you can guess from the photo above, I did finally cross this item off of my list, and I'm pretty smitten with how they turned out.

I decided to tie them in with the branding of this blog and my portfolio. I think it's cute enough for sweet & lovely and the kindness shop, but simple/stark enough to also look like it fits in with my flapper doodle, your fan club and puns intended orders as well. I wanted them to be smaller than usual, kind of like moo cards without the cost, so I designed my file to print two little cards per business card, and then cut them down myself. I might end up doing this more often, I love how they turned out! These little petite cards could be used for so many different things! Earring cards, little extra prints in my orders, etc.