Thursday, April 23, 2015

Belated Grand Opening?

I had been meaning to do some sort of "grand opening" celebration for my official shop, but instead I've just been gradually adding all of my products into the shop little by little and linking to them as I go along. After lots of tweaking and LOTS of product uploading (almost 800 items overall!) the shop is finally complete. Well, that is to say, all of the products are there, everything is properly sorted in the navigation bar, I'm satisfied with the design (for now) and everything seems to be running smoothly.

The site is a one-stop-shop for absolutely everything that I sell. All of my artwork, jewelry, nostalgia kits, paintings, stationery. etc. Anyone who has ever asked me about combining shipping for items from multiple etsy shops -- here is your answer! :) And not only can I ship items together, but if your order is over $25 (domestic) or $120 (international) it ships free. No coupon code required (which means you can add a coupon code on top of free shipping. WOO HOO!)

From here on in, all new products will only be available on my website, not on etsy. I'll be keeping my etsy shops open but I won't be adding new items there. Additionally, all of the coupon codes I ever sent out in etsy orders are applicable in my new shop. And all of my domains for my individual shops now redirect to their respective pages in my shop -- go ahead, try it:

I've already added lots of products that are exclusive to the shop, like t-shirts, note cards, new fan club button designs and more! I've also created what I hope is a pretty comprehensive FAQ page that should answer any questions about turnaround time, shipping prices, finding frames for art prints, etc. I think the only thing left is to take a new photo for my about page, since that one is over 3 years old and I have a new studio (and a new hair color) :)

Last but not least, I'd just like to give a huge shout out to Shopify, the platform that I'm using to host my website. It has been so remarkably easy to customize my store to my liking, add products, edit products, manage orders, basically everything. I just love everything. I had to email them a couple times and they got back to me right away with personalized answers (not cut-and-paste replies), even suggesting specific tips for my shop that weren't even relevant to the question I had asked! I've been so impressed, and, for any other artists dying to find a good alternative to etsy, I highly recommend them.

So, while there aren't any ribbons to cut with giant scissors or banners waving in the wind -- I guess this is the grand opening! To celebrate, feel free to use coupon code "grandopening" on any order over $10 to receive 20% off your order! (And don't forget, that's in addition to the free shipping offer. Yay!)