Friday, April 24, 2015

Upcoming show

I'm putting the finishing touches on my booth for Communiversity on Sunday. If you're in the Princeton, NJ area and want to come visit, my booth will be near Firestone Library on Nassau Street.

I'm bringing pretty much everything that I sell online -- prints, brooches, buttons, collar clips, nostalgia kits, paintings, Christmas cards, etc. The only thing that isn't tagging along is Your Fan Club. I make each button to order, since there are so many to choose from, and I feel like it would be really difficult to guess what buttons would be worth making in advance. With my luck I'd gamble on Bill Murray, make 20 buttons, and then I wouldn't sell a single one at the show and years would pass before anyone would ever buy one online. I'd go to my grave with 20 Bill Murray buttons collecting dust in my basement.

I haven't done any kind of art show in about three years (I think?) and I feel so rusty. I'm just going to try to take it easy and let myself have fun instead of stressing about each little thing. Luckily I still had a lot of stock left over from my previous shows (mostly Puns Intended art prints, since that used to be the only thing I would sell at shows) and my mom has been helping me get all of my new stock ready for Sunday. Hopefully it will be a fun *and please, not rainy* day!